Arctic Business Support

ABS er fusioneret med Kang Mini Tours, og alle aktiviteter er overført til Kang Mini Tours, som også samarbejder med Kang Mini Marked. Vi yder samme høje standard på alle de aktiviteter som blev varetaget af ABS. Den eneste ændring er at vi nu kan tilbyde endnu bedre service til vore kunder.


Welcome to Arctic Business Support


We are a well established company based in Kangerlussuaq/ Sdr. Stromfjord. With several years of experience in helping tourists to experience Greenland at its best. We provide several different tours for your pleasure, such as a safari, with an experienced driver and guide who can tell you about the nature and the life in Kangerlussuaq. 
You can rent a cabin or you can rent a trailer tent . 
We will also be able to connect you with people who can take you out for fishing or other activities in Kangerlussuaq and nearby nature.


We now collaborate with the tour operator Kang Mini Tours and Kang Mini Marked to get the highest service level for our customers.